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Bitcoin Interest

What is Bitcoin Interest?

Bitcoin Interest ("BCI") is a frictionless global payment system focusing on three key areas Technology, Community, and Savings. Our payment system has a new integrated savings technology that allows our users to park their coins and earn interest.

Bitcoin Interest forked at block 505083.

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Bitcoin Interest is built using the latest technology, focusing on speedy frictionless transactions. Bitcoin Interest can handle many transactions per second while reducing the bottlenecks and lag of the legacy version of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Interest


Our community recognizes that to have a viable and robust ecosystem that the miners must be treated with fairness and respect. Bitcoin Interest is an enhanced Proof of Work ("PoW") Equihash algorithm and will start off with a much lower mining difficulty than Bitcoin allowing the miners in our community to benefit from higher rewards. By utilizing GPU mining, we will see a more decentralized network as we will not be excluding any of the smaller miners. Bitcoin Interest wants to minimize the advantage that specialized hardware miners (such as ASICs) have over commodity hardware setups.

Bitcoin Interest


Our savings technology allows our Coin holders to park their holdings and earn weekly or monthly interest payments in the form of Bitcoin Interest ("BCI") coins.

Bitcoin Interest


Bitcoin Interest has a well-rounded team; Our Engineers have deep knowledge of Cryptography and Decentralized Systems. We do not Control Bitcoin Interest, nor do we control the mining or distribution of Bitcoin Interest. Our community contributes to the decentralization, helping to protect it from failure. We launched Bitcoin Interest to help the community of miners and coin holders alike, as they are the ones that continue to drive this industry towards success.

How It Works

Storing your wealth in Bitcoins translates into missing out on one of the most significant benefits of traditional banking: interest payments. Users can now earn interest payments in a decentralized manner by parking their Bitcoin Interest ("BCI") coins for a set period time. Here's how it works:

  1. Interest Pool - Every Bitcoin Interest ("BCI") block has two rewards; 12.5 BCI coins are generated for the miners for their participation in solving the block, and an additional 1.08 BCI coin reward is generated and sent to the interest pool to facilitate interest payments. This is achieved through what we call, "Enhanced Proof of Work" using the Equihash algorithm. The interest pool reward will start at 1.08 BCI coins and will decrease to 0.54 BCI coins as our block height increases. This setup will ensure that interest payments are always available for those that choose to participate in parking their BCI coins.  
  2. Interest Rates - The best part of Bitcoin Interest ("BCI") is that there is no set interest rate. The interest rate depends on two things: How many BCI coins you park, and how many other BCI coins are parked in the active interest round. After parking your coins, our system will continuously check to ensure that they are parked for the entirety of the interest round. At the end of the round, the system will proportionally distribute the balance of the interest pool to those who parked their coins. As an example: If I was to park 100 BCI coins for the entire duration of the round, and there were a total of 1000 BCI coins parked, then I would receive 10% of the interest pool balance once the round has finished.
  3. Two Interest Cycles - With Bitcoin Interest ("BCI") you can choose either a weekly or monthly interest period to park your coins and claim your share of the collective interest pool. When you decide to park your BCI coins you agree to not move your coins until the current round has ended. If you choose to move your BCI coins before the round has ended, you will not receive an interest payment which is why it is in your best interest to lock in your coins for the duration of the round. Each block that is solved generates 12.5 BCI coins to reward the miners, and with every block that is solved an additional 1 BCI coin is generated and placed into the interest pool to facilitate interest payments. The Weekly interest round uses 30% of the interest pool balance for payouts while the Monthly interest round uses the remaining 70% of the pool balance for payouts.


Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin Interest (BCI)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
21 Million 21 Million 21 Million
PoW SHA256 Enhanced PoW Equihash PoW SHA256
Mining Hardware
Block Interval
10 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes
Unique Address Format
No Yes No
Block Size
1M (2-4M) 1M (2-4M) 8M (8M)
Difficulty Adjustment
2 Weeks Every Block 2 Weeks + EDA
Segwit Support
Yes Yes No
Replay Protection
No Yes Yes
Earn Interest Payments
No Yes No


The wallet download will be available soon.


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Lars Mapstead

"Legendary Lars"

Aaron Mathis

"The Codefather"

Nicholas Dooley


Manuel Gonzalez Garcia

"The MexiCAN"


Bitcoin Interest is peer-to-peer electronic cash for the Internet. It is fully decentralized, with no central bank and requires no trusted third parties to operate. It will also pay you interest for simply parking your coins for set time period.

Yes, Bitcoin Interest is an enhanced Proof of Work Equihash algorithm that can be mined with a GPU.

Mining Pools will be announced soon.

Yes. Bitcoin Interest is the continuation of the Bitcoin project as peer-to-peer digital cash. It is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain ledger with upgraded consensus rules that allow the user to earn income from their parked coins.

If you held Bitcoin at the time Bitcoin Interest was created you received a 1 to 1 swap from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Interest. This means that Bitcoin holders at block 505083 now have the same amount of Bitcoin Interest as they had in Bitcoin. If your Bitcoins are stored by a third party then you must inquire with them about your Bitcoin Interest coins.

Any transactions after block 505083 ledger split are completely separate between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Interest. This means any Bitcoin acquired after the split does not include any Bitcoin Interest, and any Bitcoin Interest does not include any Bitcoin.

You must first register for an account on the Bitcoin Interest website. You can park your coins by choosing an interest pool cycle of either Weekly or Monthly. If you happen to join the interest pool round after it has started you will only be eligible to receive interest for the remaining days. If you move your parked BCI coins out of your wallet before the interest pool round has ended, you will not receive your interest payment.

Yes, your parked BCI coins are safe. You can park your BCI coins from your desktop wallet and our system will check your assigned BCI address to make sure your parked balance has not changed. Bitcoin Interest will never hold or control your BCI coins, you are always in full control of your holdings!

Bitcoin Interest addresses will start with either the letters i or A to clearly distinguish from Bitcoin addresses which start with 1 and 3. This will prevent people from mistakenly sending to incorrect addresses.

The legacy Bitcoin code gives you no rewards for holding your coins while most financial options offer you the opportunity to generate interest on your savings. Bitcoin Interest was created to provide you with a safe, decentrilized and profitable alternative for storing your wealth.

Bitcoin interest will retain 1.3 million Bitcoin Interest ("BCI") coins which may be utilized in the following ways:

1. Funding the monthly interest pool for the first year with the following amounts:
First Month: 5,000 BCI coins added to the pool
Second Month: 4,000 BCI coins added to the pool
Third Month: 3,000 BCI coins added to the pool
Fourth Month: 2,000 BCI coins added to the pool
Rest of Year: 1,000 BCI coins added to the pool only if the pool is below 3,000 BCI coins, other wise no BCI coins will be added.

2. Paying costly exchange fees to list Bitcoin Interest ("BCI") trading pairs.

3. An extensive marketing campaign to promote early adoption of Bitcoin Interest.

4. Continuous Bitcoin Interest improvements and development costs.

5. Paying ongoing server maintenance costs.

To claim your BCI coins after the fork, insert your BTC private key into your BCI wallet. Another option would be to transfer your BTC to an exchange that will be supporting the Bitcoin Interest fork at launch and simply hold your BTC there. They should credit your account automatically after the fork. Please contact the exchange to ensure they will be supporting the BCI fork.

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